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Product Lifecycle

The Diamond Model

Our green principles, the performance of our products and your safety are very important to us. We have been proudly using our in-house "diamond model" for more than 10 years.

The diamond model goes much further than existing quality labels; it consists of thirteen objectives and quantifiable efficiency and sustainability criteria that our products must meet. As such, we don’t leave anything to chance, thereby improving both the performance and sustainability of our products.

diamond model

The diamond model is also validated by an objective third party, Vinçotte Environment. And to ensure that our products work correctly, Ecover uses state-of-the-art testing methods and measuring techniques. Thanks to our transparent communication policy, you can see exactly what we want to achieve and exactly how we achieve it.

Ecover constantly aims to make the best possible products.

At Ecover, we’ve set the ambitious goal to be a leader in innovation, something that’s been part of our DNA from the very start, when over 30 years ago a few eco-pioneers envisioned a better future. Read more about our innovation and inspiration.