1st Prize

Lee Hwee Beng

This design was inspired by Ecover’s product range. The artist wanted to create something that was clean and minimal that speaks of Ecover’s brand identity. The silhouette of the spray bottle contained the landscape of houses, and she wanted to show that Ecover could be part of every household, to create a clean and eco-friendly environment that we all could live in and enjoy.

2nd Prize

Chng Ya Hui Rachel

The artist has been competing in art competitions since she was young so ideas come naturally to her. In this case, she drew her inspiration from linking Ecover to eco and environment friendly, so her main focus was on Mother Earth and the things surrounding it, keeping the place we stay safe and free from pollution. In addition, references from Ecover Singapore’s website and bottles became part of her inspiration. Promoting zero impact on the environment and having a sustainable lifestyle with the products from Ecover is the message she wants to convey through her design. She hopes that more people can use products that promotes a safe environment that is not toxic to Mother Earth where we are staying and for our future generations - a greener and cleaner earth.

3rd Prize

Pang Soh Hwa

The message that the artist would like to convey through her design is that there are so many small things that we can do to live a “greener” life – like reducing single-use plastic, save and reuse water, recycle and choose eco-friendly products. Even if we start small, we can make a difference.