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Innovation and Inspiration

At Ecover, we’ve set the ambitious goal to be a leader in innovation, something that’s been part of our DNA from the very start, when over 30 years ago a few eco-pioneers envisioned a better future.

Today we are happy to see the rest of industry shifting towards the same values we defined for ourselves so long ago. But being innovative is not about holding on to the past, it’s about getting ready for the future.

It doesn’t begin and end at the factory doorstep. It’s about understanding the complete lifecycle of a product, from sourcing of ingredients to consumption to disposal.

We have a highly experienced and skilled R&D team, work with universities, other industries, specialised networks, and people like you our consumers to give us the edge.

We don’t just rely on our own experience, we run ideas by you, the actual user of the product, this way it keeps us focussed to develop products that you’re actually looking for.

We also work with leading environmental specialists to make double sure we stay on top of things when it comes to measuring our ecological footprint.