1994 - 2001


Offices open in the USA, the nation of nations.


Marks the year when we successfully launched our automatic dishwasher tablets… sparkling dishes, no phosphates.


We proudly earned ISO 14001 certification, the “quality assurance system” each ecological company should have.


Pioneers often go against what’s conventional and that’s exactly what we did when we launched a revolutionary packaging concept … while the market was all about screaming colours (and still is) we decided to do the opposite… transparent bottles and labels. They gave us a lot of stand out at the time and attracted the attention of a much broader audience. And we assume the market liked it too as the style has been copied many times now. In that same year we launched a campaign in London… called “steal our formula “. The goal was to stimulate our ‘conventional’ colleagues to take ecological criteria into consideration when developing their products.

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