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The Hooting Post's Review

Dermatologically-tested Ecover ZERO Household Products - Gentle on Skin and Our Environment

As a mum, my kids have become one of my priorities. Naturally, decisions that revolve around them would be made with their best interest in mind.

From their diet, to activities that we embark on, or the products we choose for them, their welfare remains top. Knowing that Vera has sensitive skin since she was a baby, we are selective with the products we use on her and for her. More recently, Leroy picked up scabies (UGH!) from unknown sources, and while we tried to be a little more chill as second-time parents, some times things just trigger more alarms out of the blue.

Dermatologist-approved, earth-friendly household products

Did you know that allergies can be triggered even if it's simply a skin-to-skin contact with an allergen? That actually means that household products such as laundry detergent and fabric conditioners may very well cause a skin reaction. After all, these are filled with chemicals and ingredients with a seemingly harsh function of washing out dirt, grime, perspiration, odour and bacteria that are lifted off from our bodies!

We were introduced to Ecover ZERO, an earth-loving, dermatologist-approved range of household products which includes laundry care and dishwashing. This special "ZERO" range was developed with sensitive skin in mind, approved by Allergy UK and contains no fragrance, colouring and phosphates. What's more, according to a review panel by theAsianparent, mums in Singapore noted these top 3 skin sensitivities faced when using detergents: skin irritation, children exposed to chemical residues and allergy reactions.

Ecover is not a new brand riding on the green wave; in fact, they have been around for over 30 years, guided by their belief of using less nasties and unnecessary ingredients, yet ensuring optimal cleansing functions in our everyday use. Ecover prides themselves for effective formulation which harness the power of nature, perfected by science. True to the brand's DNA, Ecover embraces the sustainability ecosystem by practising responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes.

Trying out Ecover ZERO Laundry products at home

We embarked on using the Ecover ZERO Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, RSP: $23.95 for Vera and Leroy's clothes. Using the laundry detergent to hand wash their clothes, we tried it for over 2 weeks and here's sharing our experience:

  • There was no scented fragrance which is commonly included in the formulation because most consumers like us, select laundry products with our noses to determine if the laundry liquid smells good enough. It did however smell pretty strong at first whiff, so that might take some getting used to if you usually love those floral parfum in your laundry detergents.
  • Easy to rinse off the suds, which is important as it reduces the worry of detergent stuck between the fabric and risk skin irritation
  • Children's clothes seemed fresh and cleaned
  • Food stains were removed (Mr. Messy Eater's clothes are often laden with food bits or soup, so it's important that the kids' laundry liquid should effectively remove them!). It is good hygiene to quickly soak the stained or soiled clothes to prevent the stain from penetrating further in between the fabric.
  • If hands come into direct contact with the undiluted laundry liquid, hands felt "slippery" - but nothing some rinsing couldn't remove ;)

Well, you know you're a mum when you keep the good stuff for the children! We used the Ecover ZERO Non-Bio Laundry Liquid mainly for the children's clothes which are washed by hand, and several times with our washer to wash the our adult clothing and bedding. Glad to say that it worked well with both washing methods!

And because we use it for our children, it's heartening to know that the Ecover ZERO products are known for ZERO Fragrance, Colouring and Phosphates! Fragrances and colouring commonly trigger skin irritation, and, in some cases, inhalation triggers respiratory system which could lead to more discomfort. Glad to know Ecover ZERO are made without those extra unnecessary stuff!

Why is phosphates in laundry detergent not such a good thing?

Fragrance and colourings are commonly avoided in skin-friendly detergents, but what exactly is so bad about phosphates? According to experts, the use of phosphates leads to an increase in toxic being discharged into the environment such as the seas and oceans. That poses a high risk to our aquatic ecosystem, and a huge health threat to both plants and animals, and eventually humans in time to come.

With the increasing worry about our environment and wildlife, and initiatives that promote sustainability and eco-living or green living, earthlings (that's you and me!) are facing serious issues about how our planet is suffering the repercussions of our actions. It's about time we take a more pro-active review about what we are using and how they impact the environment and nature!

No-frills, mum-approved household products for that peace of mind

Ecover ZERO Non-Bio Laundry Cleaning Liquid and Ecover ZERO Fabric Conditioner, RSP: $7.50 worked well in the washing machine too. Good to know they are suitable for both top load and front load washers and washer/dryers (like ours!). If you're wondering why this is important, that's because certain laundry detergents (mainly powdered ones) usually indicate only for use with front load washers OR top load washers. So do keep an eye out for this information when you purchase your washing detergent!

Like the other Ecover ZERO products, Ecover ZERO Fabric Conditioner contains plant-based and mineral ingredients too. We tried washing the clothes with the laundry liquid, followed by the fabric conditioner, as well as washing them without using the fabric conditioner. Was there any difference? Here's what we thought after using the fabric conditioner:

  • As first whiff, smell was not as strong as Ecover ZERO Non-Bio Laundry Liquid - YAY for those who prefer non perfumed fragrance
  • Clothes that were washed with the Ecover ZERO Fabric Conditioner felt softer

Besides laundry care products, one other product we use very often would be dishwashing products. Cooking is done almost everyday in our home, and inevitably that means having to do the dishes, right? With the Ecover ZERO Washing Up Liquid, RSP: $6.50, we tried it to experience how it fared against our washing detergent.

Ecover ZERO Washing Up Liquid - tough on oil, gentle on skin

Dishwashing is not the most fun part of meal preparation, but it has to be done! Well, if only everything could be magically washed up.... we wish! :P

Seeing that Ecover ZERO Washing Up Liquid is fragrance-free and colouring-free, it helps to know that there are no artificial stuff lingering on the surface of our plates and bowls. What's more, its dermatologically tested formulation for sensitive skin promises to be gentle on our hands. Did it live up to its claims? Here's what we thought about the new dish washing liquid at home:

  • There's no need to squeeze much for effective lathering! Actually, just a couple of drops would suffice washing several bowls and utensils, save for ultra greasy ones.
  • For ultra greasy pots and pans, lather up with water to create foam and allow the washing up liquid to attack those oil and grime.
  • Skin doesn't feel as dry or tight as compared to using the regular dishwashing liquid.
  • The pour-out bottle does not support a one-hand dispensing, and if you're not carefully, you may accidentally pour out more than what you need. But switching to a bottle with pump dispensing might just do the trick.

Loving our earth for our future generations - start at home

At the end of the day, what parents like us want is really a peace of mind and to know that the products we use are safe for our family. Thinking beyond what we need, our choices affect the future too, and that has been inculcated in us since we were kids ourselves.

Back in primary school, we learned the concept of the 3R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, and how much have we embraced in our lives?

It's easy to take things for granted. Truth be told, natural resources are limited and with consumers' growing appetite for more of everything, soon enough, the ill effects of harmful chemicals and the irresponsible release of toxic residues will come back at us. That would be pretty late, wouldn't it?

Every single step towards the environment for our future generation counts :)

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