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Surfaces Clean Enough to Lick

The living area is not only the most used space in your home where you make yourself comfortable, but it’s also a place where your furry friends chill and lounge as well. Whether it’s cosy or grand, flamboyant or minimal, an inviting living space is a joy to come home to. Find clever solutions for storage and let your personality stretch its legs.Not only it’s the first room that you will see when you enter your house, but it also entertains both you and your guests.

Finding the place in a state of mess is never preferable and the last thing you want to think about is worrying about bringing toxic chemicals near your families amidst the hectic cleaning. Because of that, you should ensure that your cleaning products contains naturally-derived ingredients which are safe-to-use for homes with pets and gentle on baby’s skin.

Meet our Household Heroes

This multi-talented Multi Surface Spray leaves your home squeaky clean and fresh. From kitchen to living room, coffee tables to highchairs, our plant-based formula wipes grease and grime clean away leaving no nasty residues in its wake.

Our rinse-free spray tackles sticky little finger marks and big messes using only renewable and biodegradable ingredients. We don’t think petrochemicals have a place hanging around your home and family. And because it’s skin-pH neutral it’s as kind to your skin as it is to the environment.

Streak-free Surface


The moment you step into the living room, you see your little children has made a mess there — again. Biscuit crumbs and toys littered on the floor leave you feeling frustrated but don’t worry, you don’t have to deal with the mess alone.

It’s a relief that kids can be around you when you clean the house without chemicals.They love to hang around with parents, so it’s perfectly fine for them to follow you and “help” as you mop the floor. Give them a microfiber cloth with a little squirt of your Ecover All-Purpose Cleaner, and watch them imitate your every move. This household all-rounder leaves floors and tiles squeaky clean with no noxious residues, leaving you with a lovely lemon scent and powerful cleaning results.

The Clever Science behind the clean

While most surfactants (the compounds that help lift dirt) are made from petrochemicals using a high-energy process, we invented a groundbreaking alternative – Eco-surfactants. These plant-based alternatives are produced using a biochemical, low energy process that converts sugar and rapeseed oil into cleaning agents. They give you a supreme clean as good as any household name, but are completely biodegradable, low toxicity and better for the planet.

We make careful decisions about what goes into our products meaning you can relax tonight without itches or irritations. Let our cleaning heroes do the job. Get a cleaner clean for a happy, healthy home.