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Benefit Glossary


It’s what’s inside that counts. Learn more about the ingredients we use in our formulas.

Plant-based & mineral ingredients We make detergents & soaps using renewable plant‐based and mineral ingredients, so our cleaners are gentle on the environment. All Products
For use throughout your home We believe in sustainable living. That’s why we make products that clean every corner of your home. Non-Chlorine Bleach
Biodegradable, non-toxic & fish-friendly Phosphates & phosphonates in cleaners can enrich waterways with extra nutrients, causing algae to grow rapidly and starve fish of oxygen. That’s why you won’t find them in our dish tabs. All Dish Tabs, All Dish Powders, All Liquid Dish and Rinse Aid
Never tested on animals The only animals in our lab are the scientists who are wild about developing planet- and pet‐friendly products. All Products
Dermatologically tested Our products have been clinically tested for safety. All Liquid Laundry Detergents and ZERO Dish Soap
Plant-based fragrance We use plant-based fragrances in our cleaning products. All Products (except ZERO, Non-Chlorine Bleach, Rinse Aid and Cream Scrub)
Made with recycled plastic & Plantplastic® Instead of making packaging from scarce resources, we developed Plantplastic®, an innovative plastic made from sugarcane & blend it with recycled plastic. Our bottles are renewable, reusable & recyclable. All Products (except Bleach, Stain Remover and products in recyclable boxes)
Concentrated formula Our concentrated laundry detergent can help reduce your carbon footprint and still tackle tough messes. That’s because they contain less water and use less energy to make. All 2x Laundry Detergents
Non-scratch formula We use plant-based & mineral ingredients that are gentle on surfaces but effective on dirt. Cream Scrub
Reduces static We don’t want to rub clothes the wrong way, so our fabric softener helps reduce static to keep your laundry soft & easy to iron. All Fabric Softeners
For hard, washable surfaces Our concentrated cleaners cover all the surfaces you want clean—kitchen floors, bathroom tiles, painted wood—so you don’t have to use (or keep) toxic cleaners in your home. All Purpose Cleaner
Suitable for septic tanks The plant-based & mineral ingredients we use are fully biodegradable, which can help keep your septic system running properly. All Products
Biodegradable & plant-based ingredients We use surfactants that biodegrade to ensure nothing harmful is left behind. All Products
Works in cold water Our detergents clean your laundry in cold water too, so you can use less energy than washing in hot water. All Laundry Detergents
With linseed oil Linseed oil is not only ideal for protecting porous stone & tile surfaces, but it also helps bring out their natural color & shine, so there’s no need for harsh chemicals. Floor Soap
An Ecover ZERO product 0% Fragrance, dyes and more depending on the specific product. All ZERO Products
Tackles tough stains Our concentrated detergent is tough on stains even in cold water while also being gentle on your skin and the environment. All Laundry Detergents
Cares for fine fabrics Care for your silks, woolens & other delicate items—whether you hand or machine wash. Delicate Wash
Tackles stubborn stains There’s no need to cry over spilled…tea. We make it easy to tackle tough, caked-on stains, from grass to grease & more, without discoloring fabrics. Stain Remover
Tackles dirt on hard surfaces A little bit of our all-purpose cleaner—like a smile or a pinch of cayenne pepper—goes a long way. Just a capful cleans hard surfaces. All Purpose Cleaner
Fights grease & grime Don’t turn to dirty chemicals to fight stuck-on food. Get dishes sparkling clean with naturally derived ingredients that cut through grease. All Liquid Dish and Dish Powders
Leaves dishes streak-free Get delightfully clear dishes without using dirty chemicals. Rinse Aid
Cleans porous surfaces Treat floors right with natural oils that help protect against stains without leaving a sticky residue. Floor Soap
Cleans without scratching surfaces Our cream scrub attacks stubborn dirt & stains without scratching the surfaces you want to keep looking new. Cream Scrub
Cleans, decalcifies & freshens Our naturally derived cleaner acts fast to tackle unsightly stains so you don’t have to scrub or inhale nasty fumes. Toilet Cleaner