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Animals are our friends


All of Ecover’s products are Leaping Bunny certified. Leaping Bunny is an international certification that assures that no animal testing is done in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories or suppliers. Because we respect our furry friends.

So, how do we test our formulas?

When it comes to new ingredients, we’re committed to using alternative tests that guarantee safety for you and your family without harming any animals. One example is in vitro testing, where the test tube can contain cultured cells in place of animal tissue. These cultured cells react the same way skin or eye tissue would react when exposed to an ingredient or formula, and allow us to assess the effects of an ingredient without having to experiment on any cute critters.

Testing safely, without animals

We use a third party to conduct the tests and only use internationally recognized test methodologies. We believe that animals should not be used at all for safety testing; we only use non-animal tests and known ingredients that are proven to be safe.