We’re total water obsessives. Always have been. Always will be.

In 1979, we saw the damage that phosphates were doing to plant and aquatic life, and launched our first phosphate – free laundry washing powder.

Each year, we have obsessively practised formulating home cleaning products without the use of harsh chemicals and constantly seek new and ingenious ways of using lesser water as a company.

As we roll up our sleeves and do the best we can to create a sustainable future for our water systems, we’d love to share some nifty tips with you as well.  So you can help us on our water cleaning and conservation goals.

Tip 1: Use Half – Flush & Flush Only What’s Natural Down The Bowl Whenever Possible


For each full flush, you would use water not exceeding 4.5 litres and 3 litres for each half flush. By taking half – flushes each time you go to the toilet, you can help reduce water usage at home.

Note: Using Ecover Toilet Cleaners can help you ensure what infiltrates into our septic tanks as you clean are free from eye-watering chemicals and biodegradable.

Tip 2: Wash Clothes On a Full Load

By washing clothes on a full load, you are encouraging the practise of water efficiency. Do keep in mind to make every drop count each time you do your laundry.

Most of our washing machines have an option of “Cold Wash”. Choose to wash your clothes with cold water instead of warm or hot water to not only be water efficient but energy efficient as well.

Note: Ecover laundry liquids continue to be phosphate-free, tough on stains while safe to skin. You can also play a part by making the right choice to reduce water pollution.

Tip 3: Use A Dishwasher Instead Of Hand Washing Your Dishes

Hand washing a load of dishes can use up a lot more soap and water compared to using a dishwasher as you keep the tap running while you rinse.

Choose an energy-star dishwasher that can be both energy and water efficient whilst always ensuring to use a full load on the dishwasher can help you to cut down on water usage.

Play dish tetris by loading larger items at the back and sides of the racks can help minimise the chances of needing to wash again.

Note: Using Ecover Dishwasher Tablets can help you effectively degrease your dishes for a squeaky clean with the use of only biodegradable plant-based ingredients.

We’re unsure if you would be as obsessive about water as we are. However, we hope with these handy tips we’ve shared, you’ll be able to support us better in creating a better, sustainable water system.