Tips and Tricks for Custom Furniture Upkeep

Designing your home is no longer a giant game of Tetris. Home trends for 2018 say, instead of trying to fit furniture into your home, discover furniture that is fit for your home! Envisioning the look and feel of a space will inspire you to pick out furniture that truly translates your theme, and custom furniture, unique one-of-a-kind pieces, can certainly stand out and create interior design magic.

But not only should design be creative and surprising, it should also be durable. This means making sure your furniture is well-maintained.


High quality wood furniture is very solid and can withstand the test of time. But wood can be very vulnerable to heat – so keep wooden furniture away from ovens, stoves, and away from direct sunlight as much as possible. Sun can bleach wood surfaces and dry out wood finishes. On the other hand, moisture is also not wood’s good friend because it can lead to cracks. If placing any objects on the wood surface, make sure you use coasters or mats to prevent scratching. Dirt – and the process of removing it – can also scratch up your valuable wood furniture. Use only a moist cloth (not dry and not soaking wet) and a cleaning agent that does not contain harsh chemicals, and make sure the surfaces dries off. Wood will last a lifetime – and even generations – if it is kept cool, safe, oiled and waxed regularly.


When it comes to a fabric sofa or any seat cushions, the rule with spills and stains on fabric is – be fast! Wiping it up quickly is the best you can do. Also remember, dab not rub. Rubbing is abrasive, whereas dabbing helps get any spills out. The fibres and dyes in textile furniture can also suffer from sunlight, so make sure to get curtains that block out harsh rays. Often, dirt can get trapped in fabric, it’s recommended to use a vacuum machine over it frequently. On top of that, you should use an all-natural gentle cleansing product on your fabric furniture every three months, to make sure that dirt and dust do not shorten the longevity of you enjoying your favourite seat in the house. Lastly, stay away from the bleach!

Note: We recommend using ecover stain remover or non-bio laundry liquid only on removable sofa or seat covers.


You might think that since marble is a stone, it is impervious to anything. It’s quite the opposite, because marble is a soft natural stone and vulnerable to damage. Being a porous stone material, time is once again your best friend in cleaning out spills. Coasters are just as needed for marble surfaces as they are for wood surfaces, such as on a coffee table, for example. Acidic and alcoholic substances, even seemingly harmless citrus fruits can harm your marble surface – so imagine what a harsh chemical cleaning product would do. Go easy on your marble and it will add beauty to your home for ages.


Clever use of glass- or mirrored-furniture can extend your space or create an elegant showstopper. For once, this material is non-porous, which means spills don’t go anywhere and ruin anything beneath, hurrah! But let’s not forget that glass is one of the most vulnerable, breakable surfaces, so you don’t even want a broom or vacuum cleaner near it, lest it should fall and smash into pieces your glass table top, for example! A simple wipe-down with a safe cleaning agent is good enough to keep glass looking new and shiny.


Generally speaking, you can follow the 3S rule – to avoid sun, spills and scratches! Wiping down furniture regularly is recommended and using harsh chemicals is a big no-no, whatever the material. Opt instead for natural cleaning agents that get the job done yet don’t destroy your precious custom furniture. We love Ecover’s plant- and mineral-based All Purpose Cleaner and Multi-Action Spray for this. They don’t leave any overpowering smells yet cuts right through grease and grime; leaving your precious surfaces squeaky clean with no nasty residues. Now you can rest assure your furniture will sparkle and shine in a home that is distinctively yours.