August 02, 2018
Ocean Plastic: 100% Recycled Plastic is the future

There are many technical challenges involved in working with recycled plastic. Transforming it into something durable, beautiful and fit for purpose isn’t as straightforward as you might think. The age, degradation and type of reclaimed plastic are all factors in its suitability for reuse.

But we never stop looking for better ways to do things. We’re always pushing ourselves to overcome technical challenges and conventional thinking, which is why we’re proud to launch a new bottle using 50% Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled plastic.

We’ve sourced plastic that washed up on the beaches of Rio, leftover from the Olympics. These breakthrough bottles are available from October so you too can support our ambition to end the use of virgin plastic.


Our ambition is to go from raising awareness of plastic waste in our oceans to actually tackling the cause – our collective overdependence on plastic. In 2018 we’re launching a new bottle in our main washing-up liquid range that will be made from 100% recycled plastic.

By 2020 we will only use 100% recycled plastic to make ALL our bottles and we’ll introduce recycled plastic into our caps as well.

“The debate for us needs to move on. We need to totally re-think plastic. Today we are making public our ambition to stop using virgin plastic.” Tom Domen, Long Term Innovation Manager at Ecover.


Digital Team