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How To Keep Your Household Clean For Your Children During a Pandemic

Here’s a fun fact: Do you know the cold virus can survive on hard surfaces such as floors, table tops and remote controls for 24 hours?

In worrying times like these, it is important to have a clean household to help prevent the spread of diseases and keep your children safe from illnesses as much as possible. Read on below to find out some tips on how to keep germs at bay in your household!


1. Encourage good hand washing habits

A clean home can begin with proper personal hygiene and one habit that is often overlooked is proper hand washing. Children can be exceptionally curious at their age, relying on their sense of touch to learn about their surroundings. This opens up potential problems where they might come into contact and touch objects that are unclean The bacteria from these objects can be easily transferred onto their eyes, nose and mouths, potentially make them fall sick easily. Make it a norm for your children to wash their hands regularly before and after an activity. Using soap and proper technique are also important to ensure that you rid their hands of all germs.


2. Disinfect frequently touched surfaces

Make it a point to regularly disinfect surfaces that are often used such as table tops, floors and even door knobs. Children toys should also be cleaned after use to prevent harmful germs from spreading. After disinfecting, remember to wash all cleaning cloths to eliminate bacteria immediately.

While most cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be hazardous for children to come into contact with the solution, Ecover’s products are made of plant-based and mineral ingredients, allowing your children to play on cleaned surfaces without worries.


3. Change your children’s beddings every week

We spend about one-third of our day sleeping in our bed so its no surprise that it can also be one of the dirtiest spots in your home. Switch out your bed sheets at the end of each week and wash the sheets in warm water. Crib sheets on the other hand, are more susceptible to drool stains and spills so will need to be changed more often – depending on the situation.


4. Leave shoes outside of homes to reduce dirt in your household

Some families like to leave their shoes indoor for convenience but it can also bring in a lot of mud and dirt stains. Just think about where you’ve been to for the day – you’ve actually brought all that back into your household. More dirt also means more vacuuming and cleaning has to be done to get rid of all the germs and bacteria. To make life easy for yourself, just have a shoe cabinet outside your doorstep and deposit your shoes there before heading into your home.

These steps may help you to kickstart the habit of having a clean home but it will take some personal discipline to ensure that cleaning routines are followed, for your household to stay bacteria-free in the long run. Head over to our store to kickstart your cleaning journey with us now: www.ecover.com.sg