At some point as a parent you might have wished the kids were older so that they could help you with chores around the house. But when they did become older, you might be asking yourself why you should start them on chores, especially when they struggle and resist against doing them.

Actually, there are a great deal of lessons that doing chores can teach children. And it doesn’t have to start when they’re much older. Most kids enjoy a life where everything is done for them, and that can lead to them becoming more self-absorbed, only thinking about themselves and what they need. When they do chores, they learn about responsibility, contributing to the family, thinking about others, they become more independent, they grow in self-esteem, and they start developing maturity.

There’s no better time to start, so why not now! You can start them on chores as early as 2 years old! Just what kind of household chores are appropriate for kids?


What your child can do might depend on their age and ability. Or one chore might be too big for one child, so why not split them up for different children, or change the task related to that chore as they grow up? Take for example, laundry. Don’t expect to be sitting outside with wine glass in hand as you look upon your kids struggling to do laundry all on their own.

 Personal and family chores

Kids are capable of being responsible for some of their own things, like their bed, room, toys, and even keeping themselves clean like brushing their teeth, showering, and washing their hands. But beyond personal chores, it’s good to get the kids involved in family chores as well. This shows them that they have a part to play in the family, and that they need to also consider the needs of their other family members. You can give them tasks that are also age-appropriate.

Beyond finding age-appropriate and family chores for your kids, you might also want to select tasks that involve them learning a certain life skill or way of thinking. Sorting recyclables, for example, gets them thinking about the amount of waste they produce and to develop a more eco-friendly mind-set.

You will also want to hear input from your children as well. A regular family meeting is great for discussing the chore roster and revising who’s in charge of what. It’s most important to hear from your children what they found difficult, what they overcame, or what help they might need with their tasks.

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It’s never too early and it’s never too late to get kids started on chores, so try it out now!