All About Limescale

Everybody loves a good shower or bath. But what could take away from that quality experience, is showering in a stall or bathing in a tub that’s not too clean. While it might be easy to scrub off dirt, limescale is a whole other story.

What is limescale?

You know that hard and crusty chalky stuff that creeps up in your bathroom? You might often see it at the bottom of your kettle after some time. Technically it’s a calcium carbonate deposit and a residue left behind by hard water.

What is hard water?

It’s not hard because of water pressure. Rather, it’s just water that contains higher concentrations of minerals such as calcium and magnesium because the rainwater has passed through porous rocks such as chalk and limestone. There’s nothing wrong with this water, in fact in certain parts of the world hard water from mineral-rich springs is used for good health. Unfortunately when that water evaporates, the leaves behind some of this calcium carbonate which ends up accumulating into that nasty limescale build-up you now face.

Where can limescale build up?

Why, almost everywhere in your bathroom, really, in places you can see and can’t see. For example, some of the most common places include toilets, tiles, taps, sinks, shower stalls, shower heads and shower pipes, bath tubs, bathroom pipes… and the list goes on.

What’s wrong with limescale?

Well, other than the ugly mess it creates, if say your showerhead is clogged with limescale, you might notice your shower becoming less powerful. And let’s not think about how gross the shower screen would be. You’d just end up spending more money having to replace things sooner.

Ok, so how can I get rid of limescale?

In a kettle, it can be as easy as doing a full boil with some vinegar and lemon juice. The citric acid in it reacts with the limescale and dissolves it so that it pours away easily. But imagine getting into all your bathroom with a toothbrush and lemon juice!

Welcome Ecover’s Limescale Remover to the rescue! Fight those chalky minerals with the mineral-based active ingredients in this product. To destroy limescale build-up, the remover’s clever foaming action sticks to surfaces so the limescale has nowhere to cling to! Horizontal or vertical, every surface will become limescale-free! Not only is it the perfect solution to removing limescale but it also does it in a very eco-friendly and safe way. You’re not spraying harmful chemicals everywhere, no fumes that you risk inhaling, no overpowering chemical cleaning agent smell, and everything ends up shiny sparkling clean! It’s even easy on chrome and other metallic surfaces.

How do I use it?

Ok so it’s a super product but it still requires a little elbow grease. For shower screens and wall tiles in your bathroom, spray directly onto surface, leave to work for a few minutes and then rinse with water. For sinks, taps, floor tiles and showerheads, spray and let sit, and then you might have to get in there and do a little scrubbing before rinsing. Soaking will make limescale removal easy – the longer you leave it to work its magic, the easier it will be on your arm muscles. Let the power of Ecover’s Limescale Remover do most of the hard work for you. And because it’s so easy, you can use it regularly to prevent crazy limescale build-up in your bathroom!