Cleaning your bathroom is a chore. We’re not even going to try and sugar-coat this one. But with a few clever tips and tricks, you might find it easier and a whole lot faster to check bathroom cleaning off your to-do list

1. The shower stall

After a while of using your shower stall, you might not even realize it but it harbours more bacteria than you might dare to look at. Keep grime away by making this an everyday chore, instead of letting it build-up into a thick goo of grime and other nasty things. Take a new sponge into that shower stall weekly and scrub an area of the stall with Ecover Bathroom Cleaner or Ecover Limescale Remover every time you shower. This continuous cleaning makes sure you won’t waste an entire day in the weekend or holiday season scrubbing like mad when you could be enjoying outdoors!

2. The shower curtain

If you use a shower curtain instead of a stall, don’t think that all that bathroom nastiness doesn’t cling onto it. However, cleaning it can be as easy as remembering to do so before you step into your shower. Using a product such as the Ecover Bathroom Cleaner or Ecover Limescale Remover (depending on what is starting to grow on your poor shower curtain), spray your shower curtain from top to bottom with it and let it sit for a while. Pop in to have your shower after and don’t forget to rinse it all off. Let it hang out to dry and your shower curtain will be ready to boost your acoustics for your next “singing in the shower” performance.

3. The tub

You can even tell the water level you usually use by now, thanks to that unsightly ring around the tub. A good time to get to work on it is while you’re draining the tub and the water level goes down slowly. Grab a scrubber and quickly polish those stains off with the Ecover Bathroom Cleaner. Use the water that’s draining to splash up and rinse the tub and you’ll see the big difference. A little bit of effort each time you take a bath will ensure it being fresh for your next use.

4. Taps and faucets

These buggers can easily become encrusted in grime, limescale, soap scum and who knows what else that exists in your bathroom. It doesn’t have to be difficult to clean. Spray some Ecover Bathroom Cleaner on them and let it sit. For crusty limescale, you can depend on the trusty Ecover Limescale Remover. Wipe with a cloth or rinse clean and discover the gleaming result. It’s harsh on limescale but gentle on even chrome faucets. If your taps need more work, add more of the Bathroom Cleaner onto rags and wrap them around your taps. Think of it as a faucet detox day! They’ll be as good as new after that little pampering session.


5. The toilet

Yeah, the toilet itself is full of icky things you don’t want to go too close to. That’s why they invented toilet cleaning products you can just squirt in there, close the lid, flush, and run away, right? Well, with the Ecover Toilet Cleaner (it comes in Pine & Mint, or Sea Breeze & Sage), you can expect that triple action of decalcifying, cleaning and freshening, without any need for scrubbing.

If your toilet bowl has gone way past its due cleaning date, a little bit more help might be needed. Especially when it comes to the inner parts of your toilet that are so hard to clean. Please use only toilet paper and not newspaper, you won’t want to choke your toilet bowl creating another mess.

6. Everything else

Tiles, countertops, walls, floors, ceilings, every surface in your bathroom needs a good cleaning session too. The best way to get to all of them is to spray them down with the all-purpose Ecover Bathroom Cleaner, turn up the hot shower and let the steam and cleaning product mix, get down and dirty into the surfaces. Come back into the bathroom later and wipe down all the surfaces. It’s like giving your bathroom a steam room voucher at the spa!

With these tips and tricks, you’ll save yourself time and energy on bathroom cleaning and better enjoy some “pamper me time” at the spa!