Kudos to Marie Kondo that more people are more receptive to housekeeping and decluttering now. If you’re still on the fence deciding when you’d ever join this whole spark joy notion, perhaps these 5 tips could give you that final push you need in believing that home tidiness can really be more palatable for you and your family.

1) Set each chore as a timed – challenge

Setting up chores that you or your family members do as a timed challenge may help to make cleaning more fun and exciting. Imagine it akin to your own home version of “American Ninja Warrior”, completing as many missions as possible in the shortest amount of time. It can be as simple as who can fold the most number of clothes or who is fastest at tidying up their own space. In no time, your home will be spick and span.

2) Your Mess, Your Responsibility

Many people have a misconception when it comes to home cleaning, they would find themselves slogging away, cleaning every room and corner of the house an entire day, 7 days a week.

Truth is, if you can get everyone to be responsible for their own mess daily, then put in a joint effort in a quarterly housekeeping exercise, nobody needs to go to great lengths to clean up everyone’s mess. The key is motivating everyone in doing their own part so that all can reap the rewards of returning home to a clean and healthy abode.

3) Find the best match

At some point, you may be tasked with a massive home cleaning exercise. It doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. It is a skill to know how to assign the right task to the right person. Identify who does laundry best, who is most particular about keeping the bathroom clean and who enjoys the sound of squeaky clean dishes; soon you’ll find chores being completed more effectively and efficiently while every one enjoys a good clean at home.

4) Incorporate your chores into a dance / exercise regime

Make your chores more palatable by turning on some music and incorporate some simple dance moves into your floor mopping routine or dish washing session. If dancing is not your thing, incorporating some squats or lifts into your cleaning routine will not only help keep your place clean but keep you in shape as well.

5) Give appreciation and practise mindfulness

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A key concept we learnt from Marie Kondo’s art of tidying is the emotional or spiritual aspect of home tidying. In the episodes of “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”, you’d often see Marie introducing herself to the home and thanking it for providing a shelter over our heads.

We too encourage you to be more appreciative of your home and the environment you live in. Being mindful extends beyond the walls of your home into the community, nature and environment where people, plants, pets and wildlife wholly contribute to the sustainability of living.  Therefore it is important that you choose products that are safe and friendly to the Earth; make the right choices and join us on a clean world revolution.

Extra Tip:

Home tidying can be quite convenient and easy to tackle with if the entire family can get down to do a little everyday. Home tidying can also encourage you to make some wise choices with the type of cleaners use at home. Trust Ecover household cleaning products to keep your home clean with the use of plant and mineral-based formula with no fear of leaving nasty residues.