Are you letting up a festive gathering this year because you dread the post-party clean up? There should be nothing more important than spending quality time with your loved ones and that includes celebrating and rewardig one another for a year of hard work!

Here are 5 sweet cleaning hacks to help you have a blast and achieve a speedy and easy clean.

#1 Unclog the party food drain

While our Washing Up Liquids may be your favourite choice when it comes to cleaning the dishes, some stubborn food nasties will cling onto your sink drain even after a good dish cleaning session. The last thing you'd want is these nasties clogging up the drain and give out a foul smell to your dish sink. 

To easily unclog the drain, simply pour a cup of vinegar and baking soda down the drain and let it sit for a good 5 mins. Follow up with a pot of boiling water and you will have a fresh-smelling clean sink once again. 

#2 BBQ Grill Clean Up

A tasty session of grilled food may be what your family, friends are looking forward to but the aftermath may look quite impossible to clean. Here's the trick, simply leave the grill to cool overnight and use an onion all over the grill. 

There is nothing an onion cannot do, we say. If you wish for a thorough clean, follow up with a spritz or two of our Oven & Hob Cleaner and wipe away.

#3 Messy Dining Table Clean Up

If you're one to own a wooden dining table and wonder what would help make cleaning easy? Whip out our Multi-Action Spray, give that lovely table a spritz or two and gently wipe away with a cloth. If you notice any annoying water stains that would stay, grab your trusty hair dryer and make them go.

#4 Get Rid Of The Nasty Toilet Bowl Horror

Did your toilet bowl look like it starred in a horror film after a night of party? Trust your bottle of coke to do the work. If you'd like for a thorough clean, get hands on with one of our trusty Toilet Cleaners to help decalcify and freshen up the scent of that porcelain bowl.

#5 Stained Carpet Clean Up

Close-up Of Red Wine Spilled From Glass On Carpet

Annoyed because one of your guests made a spill over your precious carpet? Simply use baking soda to soak up the spill. Baking soda help to soak up the spill while freshening up your carpet. If the spill leaves a stain on your carpet, go on a couple of times with our Stain Remover in a circular motion. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it for good.

We hope you find good use in these 5 simple cleaning hacks and if these hacks work for you, share them with your family and friends so they would enjoy cleaning a little more like you too.