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Supermom Editorial

Kids. They mean the world to us parents. Anything that is good their health, skin, overall well – being, would have us rushing to the nearest supermarket or pharmacy to grab it.

As for me, there is nothing I value more than looking after my precious one’s skin, not to mention my own. The more natural the product, the better. I’d like to introduce to you Ecover. Finally, in Singapore, Ecover ZERO cleaning products are absolutely fragrance-free, colouring – free and phosphate – free. Finally, a cleanser that I can confidently say is as close to natural as can be! Tested safe for sensitive skin, the Ecover ZERO range of products has been awarded the highly coveted stamp of approval from Allergy UK.

The Ecover ZERO range comprises 3 everyday products that are essential for our daily living. These include the Washing Up Liquid, Laundry Liquid and the Fabric Conditioner. The very 3 items that come into direct contact with our skin, which is why we need something gentle yet effective, like the Ecover!

Picture this: you are washing up after a yummy dinner cooked with your loving hands. Your child comes up to hug you to say Thank You! The very same hands that’s hugging them back and stroking their cheeks may contain nasty chemicals that are harmful to their skin! Or what if you hadn’t exactly washed your hands properly after washing the utensils, then you start preparing the meat for dinner? You may have unknowingly transferred some of the harmful chemicals to your family’s dinner!

Because the Ecover ZERO Washing up Liquid is formulated with plant – based and mineral ingredients, and are phosphate – free, you don’t have to worry anymore! Plus, because it’s so natural, it won’t irritate your skin, while at the same time making sure that your dishes are squeaky clean!

Now, take a look at what are the main ingredients of your laundry liquid and fabric conditioner. Chances are, what you’ll see would be names of chemicals a normal person would not have even heard of! Now imagine you pour both liquids into your washing machine to wash the family laundry....WITH CHEMICALS???

Not anymore! Because Ecover uses only natural ingredients that are fragrance-free and plant – based, you can rest assured you are getting the best product money can buy. Not only will your clothes be easy to iron with the Fabric Conditioner, they will also smell clean and comfortably soft as well! No more over – the- top fragrances that are overbearing and fake smelling!! Just the smell of clean, wonderfully pleasant smelly laundry that you and your family (and your neighbours) will love!!!

And because Ecover does not use any harsh ingredients, Ecover promises to do its part for our lovely earth, by saving uncountable sea living creatures! Yes! It’s time to save our wonderful world!!

Shop the full range of Ecover ZERO now at https://ecover.com.sg/collections/all !