Urban Farming Workshop with Super Farmers



*Limited Seats Available* Sign up by 31st August 2018

About the Workshop

This Urban Farming workshop will introduce you to the concept of growing your own food; its technical aspects and intrinsic connections to your physical and mental health. You will learn to rediscover spaces in your homes, offices and search for opportunities to grow your very own ‘mini farms’ in these environments.

In this hands-on and informative workshop, Super Farmers will also show you how to easily grow organic edible herbs and vegetables that thrive in our urban micro climates; using daily household packaging that would otherwise be thrown away. Additionally, learn how to maintain these plants and create your own chic planting project to bring home.

Materials you will be required to bring

Any recyclable container from home, preferably an empty 500ml mineral water bottle or a 1L milk carton

What you will bring home from the workshop:

An upcycled growing project and a goodie bag worth $30

About Super Farmers

Established since 2015, Super Farmers has been encouraging Singaporeans to actively participate in their own self care, through programs and workshops that focus on botanical growing and healing, for the maintenance of optimal emotional and physical health of the self. 

Other programs Super Farmers offer include gardening, cooking, art and literature.