September 19, 2014
Saving your skin

If you have sensitive skin, it can take time to find products that agree with you.


One of the most sensible places to start is with your washing powder and cleaning products. Your clothes are in direct contact with your skin throughout the day, along with the potentially irritating chemicals they've been washed in. You spend time with your hands in soapy dishwater probably at least once a day, and you squirt, wipe and wash with cleaning solutions regularly. Choosing products, like Ecover, which contain as few potential irritants as possible can make life much more comfortable.

How Ecover can help

At Ecover, our plant-based and mineral ingredients are carefully chosen in order to be kind to even sensitive skin, hence our new 'Sensitive Skin' logo.

We know this because a recent study carried out by independent dermatologists proved it. They took a panel of 22 men and women with sensitive skin, and asked them to use Ecover laundry and dish-washing products for three weeks. The dermatologists kept a close eye on the participants' skin and recorded any abnormalities, while the participants themselves gave scores against criteria such as irritation, redness and itching. The results? Ecover passed with flying colours!

While we know from your feedback that many of you with sensitive skin prefer our products over others, it's nice to finally see it proven. The 'Sensitive Skin' logo tells you that dermatologists have declared our products suitable for sensitive skin; a fact we hope will make it easier for those trying to find a solution to the misery of itching and irritation.

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